2019-09-05 - Let's make the run great again!

randy woodstock2We run to give ourselves the personal time we all need. We run to unplug, reboot and erase some of the built up stress of life, getting it back to a manageable level. We run to nurture ourselves. So, how is it that with a long fall race coming up, we find ourselves stressing over aspects of our running? Things like our pace, missing a workout on our schedule for a good reason or no good reason, or disappointment at not running a goal time. Perhaps when we find ourselves stressing over the run it might help to remember the reasons we run. The run is what we do for enjoyment, and when this is not the case, let's try to take ourselves a little less serious, getting our minds back to a time where getting out for a run once a week was a joy, when we were proud of ourselves for running any distance at any pace. The only thing to take seriously about the run is the fun, we can let the rest go. That said, if you plan on making the Olympic trials, ignore what I just said.  
Let's make the run great again,
Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who constantly reminds myself, especially an hour in and the sun is not yet up, this is what I do for fun!

P.S.: Join us for the Inaugural BONFYRE TRAIL FEST at the DTE Energy Foundation Trail in Chelsea, MI on November 2, 2019! Come out and run or hike 5 or 10.7 Miles, or come for a 19 mile long run! Registration includes a cozy knit patch beanie, and all finishers will receive a campfire mug, S'More Kit and a can of New Holland Brewing's Lake and Trail copper lager!

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