January 5, 2011 - Resolved: To Run!

Yo run gang,

Every run can be enjoyed with the right attitude but I'm surprised how often I have to remind myself that attitude is a choice.  An example, a cold windy run where I find myself under dressed can be seen as miserable ... or a great challenge. OK, a miserable but challenging run! (Shameless plug, new running gear always helps jumpstart an attitude adjustment!)

Just because the New Year has started, don't let your head trick you into the idea that because you missed making some positive changes to your life by a few days that it's too late to do so! Every day of the year is a good day to set goals and commit to positive changes and if you falter along the way, every day is a good day to start over and re-commit yourself! Nothing good comes easy, never ever give up hope; the rewards along the way will be worth all the effort.

For those of you starting off the year with an injury that is keeping you from your run, your goal is set for you! Continue to research and set a course of action to get healthy and take satisfaction in your commitment, no matter how slow the progress or even in case of a setback, you are on a mission of self discovery!

Enjoy the adventure,

Randy Step, an obsessed runner on and off the road to personal fulfillment.

August 26, 2009 - Some things in life are too cool to miss!

Yo run gang,

Are you taking your running to seriously, are you following a schedule that runs your life? This is a common feeling, especially when training for a marathon. Yes, when training for a long term goal it takes dedication and running must move up on the list of priorities but some things in life are too cool to miss! It helps me to remember training is more art than science and that if you look at 10 different training schedules you will see huge differences. All the schedules can get you to the goal, so the moral of the story is you can adjust the plan! You can split long runs into two runs on the same day, you can skip a long run to run a race, you can run extra miles one week and less the next, you can taper for a marathon 4 weeks, 3 weeks, 2 weeks or one week, got the picture? Lighten up, live it up, say yes to invitations to do cool stuff with friends, and adjust!

All that said, some of the very coolest stuff that comes up has running involved! Come join me at the Red Carpet Run at the new Running Fit West Bloomfield (The corner of Maple and Orchard Lake by Plum Market) in two weeks, Wednesday Night, September 9th. Grab an old suit or sexy dress and join us on the Red Carpet! Well run 5k and laugh and look at each other then finish and party back on the red carpet! If 5k does not fit your schedule, well run it twice or Ill change your schedule! You get a cool tux t-shirt, a Red Carpet Run champagne finishers glass, a chance to win big bling diamond age group awards and Puma will be giving away swag! Check out the fun website, www.redcarpetrun.com! OK, I really want you there to prove I have friends! Enter the discount code Obsessed and get in for $19! Offer good for 7 days so pass the word (Code good until 9PM on 9/2).

For those of you running a full or half marathon this fall, here are some good long opportunities (That you can adjust your schedule to fit in!).

The Running Fit training run with marked miles, aid stations and usually 400 or so runners, is the perfect marathon simulation. September 25th, Hines park, 3 weeks out from Detroit Freep Weekend: Click here for the information.

Runwoodstock.com This weekend of runs, also 3 weeks out from the Freep Weekend, is another way you can put in a high mileage weekend. Run the Hippy Half Marathon in the morning and the Trippin 10K that night! What an unforgettable way to get in 20 miles! For those of you training for a half marathon, or just want to see how many miles you can run in a day, run the Flower Power 5 Mile in the AM and Trippin 10K that night. Far out man!

The Labor Day 30K in Milford, Saturday September 5th. Lets see thats 18.6 miles. For those of you in Marathon mode, that should fit the schedule perfect! For more information go to www.laborday30k.com or call (248) 685-7580

Keep the runnin fun,
Randy Step, an obsessed runner not obsessing about the run schedule!

Running Fit has been supporting Girls on the Run for many years in S.E. Michigan and the Novi chapter is in need of volunteer coaches.

This fall Novi Parks is seeking about 12 Coaches for this great program that encourages positive emotional, social, mental, spiritual and physical development in girls grades 3-6 while training for a 5K Race. Practices take place after school for an hour and a half, two days a week for ten weeks. A onetime training session is provided for coaches, and a supplies box is provided for each program site. The program concludes with a 5k race on Sunday, November 22, 2009.

Coaches do not have to be runners themselves, just dedicated to encouraging the girls and working with them. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Girls on the Run coach, please contact Susan Stevens at 248.347.0419 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2012-03-21 - Too Much, Too Soon

Yo run gang,

Just a heads up, last year, this same week was the dead of winter and on April 25th, 2008, it snowed 6" at our Trail Race weekend! So, get out there now, get consistent and roll right on through any bad weather days ahead without missing a beat!

Finishing a race on the 50 yard line of the University of Michigan's Big House is pretty amazing. More amazing still is being able to land the use of this hallowed field to put on a run ... whatever date the University says it has to be. That said, this year's date for the Big House Big Heart 5K and 10K run is April 15, 2012, yes, the day after the Martian Invasion of Races, a tough decision, two great events, one weekend. I'll be at both, join me if you can! BigHouseBigHeart.comMartianMarathon.com .


It's easy to run too much, too soon, especially when spring hits, remember, the body adapts slowly to the new work load, so run every other day or alternate long & short days and don't increase total mileage by more than 10% per week, dang.


Run smart, run injury free,


--Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner needs to practice what he preaches, dang

PS: Some great LOCAL events next month
April 14: Dearborn, MI - Martian Marathon - 5K, 10K, 13.1, 26.2 - Kids 1.2 Mile
April 15: Ann Arbor, MI - Big House Big Heart - 5K, 10K, 1 Mile
April 21: Dexter, MI - Feet and Friends - 5K, 8K(5 Mile)
April 28: Novi, MI - Live Like Andi - 5K, 10K, 10Mile
April 28-28: Pinckney, MI - Running Fit Trail Races - 5, 13.1, & 26.2 miles, plus 50K (new this year), yikes!


PS: Volunteer Opportunities Abound!
Volunteer for any Running Fit event - get stuff!

Martian Marathon - April 14 - Volunteer Now!  


PS: We're looking for part time help at our west Bloomfield store.
       E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your resume

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Yes, there are some cheesy and fun themes but behind the scene a detailed plan executed by our crew to insure a safe serious timed event that your training and hard earned entry fee will not be wasted on.

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