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2012-10-24 - Sneakers

Yo run gang,

Do you ever find yourself sneaking away from work, friends or family to get in a run? Not really sneaking away but not mentioning it or letting anyone see you come and go because they may question your sense of priority? ... OK, I guess sneaking is the correct word, dang.
The truth is that there is so much that we get from the run that it can't always be explained or appreciated by the non-runner. That said, hopefully they will notice that we return looking healthy, invigorated and happy and that the run has rejuvenated us, making us more attentive, interested and productive. The reality is that the run has made us a better friend, family member and person. The run teaches us long term goal planning and the value of delayed gratification, giving us the tools to be successful and prosperous. What a wonderful sport ... so perhaps ... the ends do justify the means!

Sneak out and run!

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, sharing my justifications for the passion ... Hmmm .... Does my guilt give away my Catholic upbringing?

PS: Wicked Halloween RunMore Costume running fun! Online registration open until 10 PM on Thursday. Wicked Halloween Run


November 10, 2010 - From the front lines

Yo run gang,

As the world continues to get more complex due to technology I can only bet the insanity rate goes up proportionately. Yikes! The down to basics psychological and physical freedom the run brings is becoming proportionally more precious. When it comes to scheduling your priorities, never underestimate the value of the daily run!

If our day to day lives seem complex and stressful, I can only imagine the what difficulties and stress our US military troops face, around the clock for their entire tours of duty in Iran, Afghanistan and every other dangerous places they are sent.  Keep them in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow, Veterans Day, and every other day they are out there on the line for us. I have received several emails from Running Fit customers on tours of duty telling me how much they appreciate the midweek mail. They explain the difficulties of getting in runs in dangerous combat areas, not to mention searing desert heat, but they do get them in, again, priorities. The attached picture shows Vernon Pratt and Company posted in Afghanistan, we sent them Run Woodstock T-shirts and other race goodies so they could participate from afar! Vernon and company, you ROCK!

Run and be safe,

Randy Step, an obsessed runner in the land of the free, where freedom does not come free.

Subject: Hey man, what can a Soldier do......

Man am I sorry I am not home for this run. Our unit is deployed to Afghanistan and there are a number of us who are avid runners; we enter any and all sponsored runs here on Bagram Airfield. I myself have sponsored a run initiative where Soldiers are rewarded for mileage totals; for 100 miles a certificate of achievement from me, 500 miles and coin of excellence from the Command Sergeant Major, and 1000 miles a coin of excellence from our Commanding General. Anyhow, would it be possible to obtain t-shirts from your run? I would love to show off your run which I think is totally cool.

Vernon Pratt

First Sergeant

 Woodstock Army

June 4, 2008 - Never, never, ever grow up!

Yo run gang,

One of the many reasons we run is that it makes us feel like little kids going out to play, so unlike much of our so called, normal adult lives. I especially feel this way when changing my clothes in my car, (seems to happen at least a couple times a week), and running in the rain (splashing through the puddles). Never, never, ever grow up!

This Saturday is the Red Carpet Run 5K. Encourage anyone under 30 not to miss this party! This fun, dress up, rock star run can be a catalyst for a future of running. All fun, a race where what you wear is far more important than pace! www.redcarpetrun.com.

Twice a year, Running Fit throws a party for everyone who has volunteered at events throughout the year. The June 14th Dash & Burn Soiree is a party in the woods (a secret location), around a roaring fire with music food and fun. Optional routes, short and long, walk or run, are offered. You can't buy your way into this one, but you still have the opportunity to volunteer this Saturday for the Red Carpet Run, or on the 14th at the Flirt with Dirt Trail Run in Novi (the morning of the party!). Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and say, sign me up, I never miss a party!

For those of you who have volunteered and have not RSVP'd to the party yet, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today!

Run, volunteer, and party,
Randy Step, an admitted kid for life

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