2018-01-31 - Even runners get the flu

randy flowersMy weekly goal is to motivate us out the door but the goal also includes keeping us healthy so we miss as few days as possible. As runners, we get a ton of physical and mental health benefits from our lifestyle, unfortunately, susceptibility to the flu is not one of them, dang. I have several friends fighting the flu currently and I sure don't want to join them. Us runners need to take the same precautions as the rest of the world including hand washing, not touching our mouth, eyes or nose between washings and getting the flu shot. Yes, get out the door for your run but this time of the year, take recovery days after hard or long workouts and after a hard run. We need to be additionally cautious around crowds or anyone who might be contagious because our immune system will be a bit compromised until we recover. So, no kissing strangers after your long runs, until after May 1st!

Run, rest, wash your hands and we can hug again in the spring,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who once again wrote this, mostly as a reminder to myself, as usual.

PS: LAST CHANCE FOR THE LOWEST PRICE! Join us this Sunday, February 4, 2018 at the Super 5K in Novi, MI to earn your spot on the couch before the big game! Sweet swag, killer halfWAY show, Roary the lion, Detroit Lions legend Jason Hanson on site, JUNK FOOD... what more could you ask for in a 5K?! Online registration closes at NOON on Friday, February 2nd, register now!

2018-01-24 - The running time machine

randy trailLast night I put in some miles on the streets where my running passion first bloomed. It was the 35th anniversary run of the Redford, now Northville, Road Runners Club. I headed out with many members of the same crew I ran with 35 years before. Admittedly, we looked like caricatures of those young, fast, punks of old but as the pace quickened and the break-away groups formed, the same old running magic was there. I jumped into a pack I thought I could hang with and as we put the hammer down and got into a groove, I felt we were in a running time machine. Sure, I was working as hard as I did back then at a pace a couple minutes per mile slower, but unless I looked at a watch, that seemed pretty irrelevant. Dig it.

May we run forever,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who knows only too well that life can turn on a dime and running does not give us any type of immortality. Yes, it's not about how long we live but how we live each precious day. Tonight I returned from a funeral home where one of Michigan's most fun, caring, giving gracious and competitive athletes, Karen Perzyk, KP, age 49, lay dead, just 8 weeks after her cancer diagnosis and just a few months after running a world class time in a full Ironman Triathlon. RIP Karen, and thanks for showing us how to live life fully to the end.

New Year's Day has officially moved to March 1st!

randy trailSoon after becoming dictator, Julius Caesar decided that the traditional Roman calendar should start in January, not the traditional March date. The average January temp in Rome is around 50 degrees, so I guess Julius figured it was a good time of year to make fitness resolutions. I've decided to stick to the old calendar, if you want to join me we still have some time to dream up our resolutions, especially when it comes to running! That said, we also have time to pick some target events to run this year, or should I say... next year, after March 1st! Let's kick the year off at Shamrocks & Shenanigans 5K & 1K, March 10th in Ann Arbor. 100% of the bottom line goes to Save A Heart, an organization which benefits the Congenital Heart Center at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital. The event donated over $30,000 last year!

Let is snow, we have time!

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner ... Running late.

PS: HUT, HUT, Join us before the big game and earn your spot on the couch! The Super 5K Roadrace on February 4, 2018 in Novi, MI will get you in the game day spirit... and wait until you see the post race spread! Multi-functional headwear and touch screen gloves to all entrants, medals and pint glasses to all finishers!

PS: By the time April rolls around your new resolutions will be in full swing. Join us April 14, 2018 in Dearborn, MI for the Martian Invasion of Races 5K, 10K, 13.1M, 26K, 26.2M and Kids' Marathon! Sweet suncatcher fill medals to all finishers, tech shirts to all entrants... Join the invasion!

2018-01-10 - I admit I'm cheating winter a bit

randy flowersI jumped in my car to get to a place to run out of the wind and cold ... And 18 hours later ended up in Florida. Watching the temp on the dash work its way from -7 to 80 was highly motivational! A couple audio books helped make the drive less painful. I've been enjoying tropical trail runs and will sneak in a half marathon this weekend before heading back on Monday. If at all possible, punch a hole in winter with a warm escape, just another tool to get us through. Next weekend, January 20, I'll be road tripping up to Traverse City for the Bigfoot 5K and 10K snowshoe slog, come join me! Life it too short not to throw in a spur of the moment road trip, north or south.

Do something spontaneous,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, running shirtless today.

PS: HUT, HUT, Join us before the big game and earn your spot on the couch! The Super 5K Roadrace on February 4, 2018 in Novi, MI will get you in the game day spirit... and wait until you see the post race spread! Multi-functional headwear and touch screen gloves to all entrants, medals and pint glasses to all finishers!

PS: Get out your green gear, shamrockers, the Shamrocks and Shenanigans 5K and 1K are back and more shamrockin' than ever! Hit the streets of downtown Ann Arbor with us on Sunday morning, March 11th, 2018. All proceeds of this charity event support Save A Heart, an organization that raises funds for the patients and families of the Congenital Heart Center at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital.

2018-01-03 - Time to trick yourself into it

anna winterHappy new year from the Baby Goat! I hope your resolutions are in full swing and getting out the door for your daily run has been a breeze. If you're like me and that isn't the case at all.. it's time to pull out our bag of tricks... to trick ourselves out the door.

In the new year I have committed to running at least 1 mile a day for the first 100 days of the year. I love this idea, but the execution is a little tricky. For my first day, I used my favorite trick, ask somebody who is more reliable than I am to run with me. It worked so well in fact, when I got home and I was going to ask my husband if we could skip it because it was too cold, he already had his clothes on and was ready to go... and out the door we went. Yesterday, I once again decided it was too cold, so I decided to slap my Garmin on and run laps around the house. After 5 minutes and 13 seconds of that torture, I ran downstairs, put on my running clothes, ran down the driveway and into the night. I'm not sure what this trick would be called but... something like "do something terrible and you'll get so sick of it you'll be dying to run out in the cold." I haven't decided yet what tonight's trick will be, but I'm excited to see what creative way I get my butt out the door.

Pull out that bag of tricks,

Baby Goat, a not quite as obsessed runner who is excited to trick my way into 100 days of the daily run... and beyond.

PS: I love taking over the midweek because I get to shamelessly plug MY favorite events! Join me and all my trail loving friends at the 32nd running of Trail Weekend on April 28th and 29th, 2018. Try 5 miles, 13.1 miles, 26.2 miles or 50K on Potawatomi Trail in Pinckney, MI! If you're not already obsessed with running around in the woods... you will be after this one!

PS: BEER! Do I have your attention? The Hightail to Ale 5K is back for 5 YEARS OF CHEERS on May 11, 2017! I love this beautiful 5K course on the riverfront in Detroit... and who doesn't love FINISHER BEER?

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