2023.08.24 - Lions, tigers, bears and running

randy bike2I run in Florida where I jump over alligators and swim with sharks. I run trails in Michigan where I often run past snakes on the trail basking in the sun. We all have fears, founded or unfounded, regarding certain creatures we encounter due to our outdoor lifestyle. That said, the most aggressive and common attacks that should make us nervous are from bugs! More people get sick and die from mosquito bites than all other animals combined, not to mention the havoc ticks and other parasites can cause as they are out to suck our blood. Call this a bit of a public service announcement kind of midweek runmail. Use bug spray as religiously as you use sunscreen, it could save your life, yikes!

Run safe, run protected,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who along with my wife, have fought a couple bug born illnesses this year and I can assure you they suck!

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