2017-06-07 - Sunshine and Sympathy

randy trailFirst off, thanks for opening and reading my weekly run mail! That said, this week, 2 people unsubscribed for the same reason "I am currently injured and will res-subscribe when I'm running again." I guess my motivational attempts are salt on the wounds. Dang. There are plenty of days where it is a challenge to write my "get out the door" ideas as I myself am gimping on the sidelines, so I get it at some level ... And today is one of those days! I often write about the days when the motivation to get out the door for a run is just not there. On the flip side, when you are faced with a glorious running day and can't run due to injury, sympathy is in order, and because we are all runners, empathy also. Perhaps I should start each week's run mail with, "If you are healthy and thinking of skipping the run today, READ this!"

Run if you can, rest if you should,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who does not need sympathy just yet, give it a couple days and I'll let you know.

PS: Our friends over at the Milford Athletic Club are putting on a Triathlon Clinic! Join them Saturday, June 17th in Milford, MI for this clinic that will cover training plans, gear, race strategies and more! CLICK HERE for more info!

PS: We're over 9 weeks out from the Running Between the Vines, there is still plenty of time to train for Michigan's most BEAUTIFUL Half Marathon! Not quite ready for Half? Join us for the 5K, 5 Mile.. or both! Running, cheese, chocolate and WINE in Jackson, MI on August 19th, 2017... what could be better?

2017-05-31 - Set a date!

anna3Hey Midweek Runmailers, Baby Goat here! The Head Goat is off in the swamp so I thought I'd hop in and help you get your butt out the door. Summer is practically here and the days have been GLORIOUS, giving me zero excuses for not getting out the door for a run... but I'm still having a tough time. I put off picking my fall and summer races but the time has come. I've always found if you set a date, the training will (for the most part) follow! I'm all about progress, NOT perfection. So set your date, write your schedule, and don't beat yourself up too badly if it doesn't go exactly according to plan! Pick a short term and a long term goal and keep them realistic. Remember, this is what we do for FUN! Need a little inspiration? I learned how to throw in a shameless plug from the G.O.A.T (but we really are good at what we do!), check out the RF Events Race Calendar and be sure to bug me about how my training is going when you see me out there.

Set those dates and the miles will follow,

Anna Step Przybylski, an admittedly not quite as obsessed runner whose fall ultra training starts today!

PS: Kick off summer with a volunteer gig at Flirt With Dirt on Saturday, June 3rd in Novi, MI! This will get you set up with a $30 voucher to use towards any future RF Events' Event, volunteer swag, and a million thanks! Volunteering is a great way to ease into the racing scene for the summer, check it out here!

PS: We're over 10 weeks out from the Running Between the Vines, there is still plenty of time to train for Michigan's most BEAUTIFUL Half Marathon! Not quite ready for Half? Join us for the 5K, 5 Mile.. or both! Running, cheese, chocolate and WINE in Jackson, MI on August 19th, 2017... what could be better?

2017-05-24 - Some good running news

randy trackLast week at the Dances With Dirt trail race I witnessed true heroes in action when the women's 50K leader took a fall and broke a leg. Three runners put their own ultra goals and races aside to be with her and help with her evactuation. From the post-race e-mail thread I can see that helping others in crisis can bring a more personal reward than our personal goals... And can create lifelong friendships and bonds.

Running teaches us the value of long term goals and delayed gratification as we put in our daily miles to be ready for an event months away. These skills transfer over to our business and personal lives to move us forward. Some good examples are a couple of the long term charitable commitments made by RF Events, committing $25,000 over 5 years to "Karen's Trail", a project in memory of friend and world class athlete Karen McKeachie, and $25,000 to the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy. These commitments help keep our fires lit and remind us daily to do the best we can to produce events that will be successful and allow us to accomplish these goals. That said, you can't beat the immediate gratification of writing a check for $31,294 to the Congenital Heart Center at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital from the proceeds of the Shamrocks and Shenanigans 5K & 1K, made possible by those who ran! Rewarding stuff!

Get in those miles, the rewards will follow,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who is proud of our running community and humbled to be associated with so many heroic athletes and just plain great people.

PS: My friend and dentist John Farah wrote a great article to share with anyone who might be considering entering their first 5K! Share the article and share the gift of running. Some great 5Ks can be found at rfevents.com/calendar ... just sayin'.

2017-05-18 - The value of a run never goes down

randy trackAs I've said in the past, the market might crash or soar but getting out the door for the days miles is one of the rocks you can steady this life on. Running is a recession proof passion. In the lean years, we might not be able to afford to fly to Hawaii to run the marathon but we can lace em up and head out the door for a head clearing trip to nirvana with no cash needed. A simple sport worth so much more than the sum of its parts, the ultimate investment, always with positive returns.

Run with the bulls,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who knows miles in my log prove that my time was well spent.

PS: Sip, sip, HOORAY! Running Between the Vines is just around the corner. We can't wait for this gorgeous vineyard run and post race wine tasting bash! Join us August 19th, 2017 in Jackson, MI for 5K, 5 Miles or a Half Marathon! Want to run the 5K AND 5 Mile? The Cellar Slam is for you. See you in Jackson, CHEERS!

2017-05-03 - Proof: Runners live longer!

randy coldsunnyCredit for today's link goes to my friend Andrew Griffin, a funny guy who follows the minutia of the sport. We don't need to read about running, we only need to head out the door and experience the magic first hand to totally get it ... But it is pretty cool when the professional, medical community gives running a huge thumbs up! The gist, you get about 7 hours added to your life for every hour you run, or an average of a 3 year bonus to your life. You get this regardless of pace of effort, even slow running is considered serious physical activity compared to most other sports. The article says you pretty much get this running bonus no matter how many other bad health habits you have, dig it!

Let's get out there today and add 7 hours to our lives!

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who is not good at math but if I'm thinking right, if I run 1 hour per day, 5 days per week, 52 weeks per year, I pick up 76 days per year tacked on to the back end of this short, wonderful life! If I do this for 40 years it will come to 8 bonus years! Stay obsessed, the heck with average!

PS: We are now accepting volunteers for Flirt With Dirt! Check out all of our awesome volunteer opportunities HERE! RF Events volunteers receive fun volunteer swag, a $30 voucher towards a future event and MORE!

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