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August 27, 2008 - Motivation

Yo Run Gang,

I was recently asked what to do when youre not feeling motivated to go out for a run. I thought Id give some of my common answers: Motivation is a feeling, feelings are a choice. Like so many things in life, yes, happiness is a choice. Example: You get in a traffic jam, your choice could be to sit in this rush hour traffic jam and appreciate the time alone with your thoughts, to sort out the world, or, you could park the car and get in a run, not loosing any time in your day, or, you can gripe, moan and complain about how the world is and be miserable. Your choice! (Reminder: Keep a bag of running gear in your car at all times!)

Another example: When the weather is hot and muggy, you can make an action plan and put out some ice water on a shaded loop and get psyched about the challenge of this hot run and how it will help with your heat adaptation for the next hot race, or, you can gripe, moan and complain about how the world is, do nothing and be miserable!

So, when your mind seems to be made up that it wants to do anything but run, go run. Show your mind that not running is not an option. Hey head, get with the program or be miserable, it's up to you, I'm running! Feel bad; run down, unmotivated, good! Once this run is finished you will have a much greater feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment than an easy run on a nice day. Those are the wimpy runs!

So the next time you feel unmotivated, get your lazy butt out the door and hammer!

Randy Step, who chooses to be an obsessed runner

April 6, 2011 - Shocking...

Running is a valuable and important use of our time, physically and mentally, it's OK to make it a priority. For whatever it's worth, you have my blessing, ha!

How to make your run a priority? Stop the habit of running when you have time (no one has time). Plan the time you run. For the workouts to get done, they need to be scheduled. Put your daily run in your appointment calendar and give it the same priority as any other scheduled meeting. When friend invites you to dinner at 7 PM on a night you have scheduled a 6:30 PM run, explain that you have a late appointment but you can make it at 8 PM or perhaps another night. You don't need to lie, but perhaps don't tell the whole truth, the value of your run can be hard to explain. Selfish? No, being depressed, becoming a slob, having a heart attack or stroke and needing someone to feed you would be selfish, not a run that gives back so much for the time invested! Sorry, my job is to Keep You Motivated! Yikes!

Run when it's time,

Randy Step, an obsessed runner, who is thinking of getting a job as a shock jock!


PS:  Join us for a couple of runs in the springtime woods

  • This weekend is a perfect opportunity to support the DNR and get in a few miles on the beautiful trails in Pinckney Rec. The Dirt Crew is teamin' up with the stewardship folks at the DNR to rid Pinckney Rec of invasive Garlic Mustard. We need yer help. Join us for our 5th annual Weed Whacker weed pickin' festival of mustard slaughter, and a pre slaughter run! Info & Registration here. 
  • Another fine opportunity to go play in Pinckney Rec happens on April 30 at our Roads End 5 Mile race. (Sorry, the Trail Marathon and Half Marathon on May 1 are sold out.) Info and Registration here.  

PS: Self Defense Classes 

Lee Shaykhet, former Russian special forces trainer is offering a 90 minute class that will give you a lifelong feeling of personal security for about the price of a good massage. This fun, effective session will leave you with moves that will instantly become second nature to you!

Running Fit: 5700 Jackson Rd, Ann Arbor
Class dates: 6:30 PM April 18th and 21th (Limit 15 people per class) $69
Online Self Defense registration - click here.  More Info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


and one more...

PS: Feet and Friends Fighting Colon Cancer 5K and 8K

Colon cancer is the second leading cancer killer of men and women, but doesn't have to be. Thanks to improvements in prevention, early detection, and treatment, more than a million people in the US count themselves as survivors of colon or rectum cancer  With raised awareness, people need to get checked if they have ANY symptoms. Step one in preventing colon cancer, exercise! Join "Feet and Friends Fighting Colon Cancer for a 5k or 8k (5 miles) on April 15th, Gallop Park, Ann Arbor, MI. We want people not to be embarrassed about talking about their butts and guts! Come join the run! Enter at www.feetandfriends.org  


uh, make that 2 more

PS: The Ann Arbor Triathlon Club's Season Kickoff is being held at Running Fit (5700 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor) next Thursday, April 14th at 5:30pm. They will have race directors from various local triathlons, including Running Fit, there to tell everyone about all of the fun exciting events being hosted around the region this season. In addition to race information, local bike shops and swim coaches will be on site! Come out, meet other club members and find out what the club is up to this season!

March 10, 2010 - I get a smug feeling of superiority...

Yo run gang,

The fair weather fitness gang has been out in force this week! Do the rest of you die hard winter runners get a smug feeling of superiority over these mere mortals, or is it just me? Funny, this time of year, running in great weather feels a bit like cheating, but Ill take it!

For those of you with kids running track, get them to a Running Fit Track night. Posters and other swag from shoe companies, additional discounts and motivation to kick off the season. Track nights start next week, locations and dates are listed below.

One month to the Martian Invasion of Races! 5K, 10K, 13.1 Half Marathon, 26.2 Marathon, 5 person Marathon Relay, and the Kids Marathon, pick your distance and sign up today! 6,000 runners expected! Enter at www.martianmarathon.com.

Run with a smile,

Randy Step, an obsessed runner with Spring in my step!

Track Nights run from 4:00pm to 8:00pm:
West Bloomfield March 15, 2010
Ann Arbor West, 5700 Jackson Rd. March 16, 2010
Novi March 23, 2010
Northville March 24, 2010
Click here for store locations and phone numbers.

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At RF Events, we are looking forward to the day when we'll be able to host races in person for you again! Getting all of our faithful participants back to the racing world SAFELY is our highest priority. Over the previous couple of months, a dedicated safety team was created and is working diligently to come up with the best plan to keep all our racers, volunteers and staff safe. We are consistently keeping up to date with the CDC guidelines as well as the state, county and city guidelines for the location of each individual race. To see a link to a broad outline of what we're working on and continuing to update, click here. This is a fluid situation that continues to change so we will keep updating our plan as warranted. We want to be sure to let you know that we're working on it and looking forward to seeing you at a starting line soon!