June 2, 2010 - Birthday

Yo Run Gang,

Birthdays are a celebration of life so why let age get in the way? After one hits adulthood the actual age of a person is not very relevant, actually, even keeping track of your age can be detrimental, you are either too young or too old, by just mentioning your age you open yourself up to age discrimination either way. Better to be judged by your accomplishments along the way.

This may not be a popular thought, but I believe age groups in running need re-thinking. I often get an age group medal that I would not have if I was in the next older age group where people ran faster than I did. This happens more often in the younger age groups ... so why should a younger age group winner get an award for running a time slower than an older runner?  Should you get an award just because no fast people your age show up?  Wouldn't it be better if the awards were given to the top so many % or runners, just based on time? Better yet, if you want to keep age groups, throw out any times of all runners who ran slower than anyone older than themselves, then calculate the awards. This would encourage us all to train that much harder. Just some birthday thoughts ... on my birthday!
This weekend brings us a Michigan classic, the race from Dexter to Ann Arbor. Point to point races seem to make more sense than running like heck, only to end up where you started! The race is sold out but it's fun to go to Ann Arbor anyway to enjoy this great city, the race weekend party atmosphere only adds to the fun, besides, you can take advantage of the race weekend sale at Running Fit (Sorry for the shameless plug!)
Run forever,
Randy Step, an obsessed runner, of an irrelevant age!

May 20, 2009 - Those darn long term goals take quite a commitment!

Yo Run Gang,

For those of you considering running a fall marathon, especially for those of you thinking about running your first one, it sounds early to make the commitment but you should do it by mid June, yikes! Those darn long term goals take quite a commitment but the payback is huge, perhaps life changing. Marathon training requires time management, but the upside is, during marathon training, you will find that you are more productive and more responsible with family and work than when you were just drifting along. Busy people do everything, people who do nothing, have no time to do anything. You can do this! Check out the Running Fit 501 marathon and half marathon training program. Theyll teach you all the tricks to make it happen, great schedules, group long runs and coaching can make all the difference.

Girls night out! Be spontaneous, join the Diva Darling party Wednesday May 20 Northville - 6 Mile & Haggerty - (248) 380-3338 or Thursday May 21 - Downtown Ann Arbor - Corner of Liberty & 4th downtown - (734) 769-5016. No fee for this evening of woman, wine, chocolate, bra fittings, and more And Im not invited!

Have you visited www.half2run.com? This challenge is a fun way to keep your running on track for years to come. A half marathon in half the states? Just over 1,000 have joined the challenge Including me!

For those of you off to race in Traverse City this weekend, no matter what race day brings, enjoy the natural beauty and the adventure Not to mention the store wide sale at Running Fit! The official Bayshore race apparel will also be for sale at Running Fit before and after the event. Shop early for the best selection, besides, buying Bayshore apparel gives you one more motivational reason to get to the finish line, so you can wear it proudly!

Running Fit Traverse City is on the corner of Front Street and Park. The hours are Friday: 10am 9pm, Saturday: 10am 8pm, Sunday: 10am 5pm. We are closed on Monday Memorial Day. The staff will be on the course taking hundreds of photos that will be posted around the store after 1 PM race day, a fun tradition!

Enjoy every healthy running day,
Randy Step, an obsessed runner ready to head north for adventure!

2011-08-10 - The Fire Burns!

Aging up, slowing down ... So what? If you're working hard and you're at your edge, that's all that matters, don't let ego get in the way of the personal satisfaction of laying it all on the line and giving it your best. I'm running a couple minutes per mile slower than my fastest years but the fire burns and the effort and feelings experienced while running and racing are as fulfilling as ever. This also relates to coming back from injury or time away from running, where you're at today is all that matters so get out there, give it all you have and savor the glow.

The leaves won't be changing for a while but the official Michigan high school cross country training season kicks off this week. This is a great time to encourage the youth of America to lace em' up and give running a shot.

Currently, running is the country's largest participant sport in school, this gives me hope for our future. Running is a no B.S., non-political, no-cut sport where you speak with your feet and know exactly where you stand, it ain't no game! Another plus, the "All Academic Team Award" (Sport with the highest G.P.A) almost always comes from running!

Running Fit has upcoming Cross Country nights with give-a-ways and discounts on training shoes and spikes. A great way to kick off the season and get the motivation needed to run out the door!

Run to the edge,

Randy Step, an obsessed runner, no matter what condition I'm in!

"Champions are made in summer" - Coach Tony Magni, Novi-Detroit Catholic Central Cross Country coach.   


P.S. Join me on the Red Carpet this Thursday night at Running Fit West Bloomfield ... I'm wondering, does the color of my bow-tie effect my pace? Enter at redcarpetrun.com for a night of nonsense, running and fun!


PS: Volunteers Needed - T-Rex Triathlon!


 On top of all the "thanks" and "you rock" you will get throughout the day, you also get an awesome volunteer shirt, a $30 coupon toward any Running Fit event (includes race shirt) and a great feeling for giving back to your sport!   


T-Rex Triathlon - August 17 - Brighton, MI

Click here for more information on the Running Fit volunteer program and the online registration link for the T-Rex Tri or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

June 24, 2009 - The weather is never a reason to skip a run.

Yo Run Gang,

Most of us are mired in our lifestyles with responsibilities of family, jobs, bills, and piles of unfinished work and projects that can stop us in our tracks as we jump out of bed for the daily run. It is as if the enemy had thwarted out attack on this new day. We may awake to run plans that get sidetracked within minutes. The truth is, getting out the door is never easy, and at times, just getting started requires a super human feat. You have blown through that barrier plenty of times, the trick is to keep up the momentum and know thy enemy!

That said, the weather is never a reason to skip a run. As you know, I love extremes, especially when it comes to the weather we run in. Life in the middle of the road will get you run down! When its 10 below or over 90, a simple run becomes extreme and requires planning and thought. It also comes with a bit of danger, but you may have noticed, all the cool stuff is dangerous so no need to avoid it, just take it seriously.

Enjoy every healthy day,

Randy Step, an obsessed runner planning on a high noon run on a day I could have ran in the cool of the morning!

May 7, 2008 - Your body is out on that crumbling edge, just about ready to break off.

For those of you in marathon training mode, when you get to that last long run be it 20 or whatever, remember, your body is out on that crumbling edge, just about ready to break off. Your chances of getting sick or injured are at an all time high. Avoid sick people and act a little wimpy when it comes to moving a heavy object, doing a big day of lawn work or whatever. Yes, it sucks but you worked hard to get here, be a wimp. That said, I just ran my 20 for Bayshore, Im sick as a dog, and I pulled a quad muscle getting screens down from my attic some coach.

Get out and run some trails! Check out this video from the Running Fit trail marathon weekend, it will help motivate you! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tb6F_alzHZU

Get out and run!
Randy Step

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