randy trailFirst off, thanks for opening and reading my weekly run mail! That said, this week, 2 people unsubscribed for the same reason "I am currently injured and will res-subscribe when I'm running again." I guess my motivational attempts are salt on the wounds. Dang. There are plenty of days where it is a challenge to write my "get out the door" ideas as I myself am gimping on the sidelines, so I get it at some level ... And today is one of those days! I often write about the days when the motivation to get out the door for a run is just not there. On the flip side, when you are faced with a glorious running day and can't run due to injury, sympathy is in order, and because we are all runners, empathy also. Perhaps I should start each week's run mail with, "If you are healthy and thinking of skipping the run today, READ this!"

Run if you can, rest if you should,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who does not need sympathy just yet, give it a couple days and I'll let you know.

PS: Our friends over at the Milford Athletic Club are putting on a Triathlon Clinic! Join them Saturday, June 17th in Milford, MI for this clinic that will cover training plans, gear, race strategies and more! CLICK HERE for more info!

PS: We're over 9 weeks out from the Running Between the Vines, there is still plenty of time to train for Michigan's most BEAUTIFUL Half Marathon! Not quite ready for Half? Join us for the 5K, 5 Mile.. or both! Running, cheese, chocolate and WINE in Jackson, MI on August 19th, 2017... what could be better?

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