anna3Hey Midweek Runmailers, Baby Goat here! The Head Goat is off in the swamp so I thought I'd hop in and help you get your butt out the door. Summer is practically here and the days have been GLORIOUS, giving me zero excuses for not getting out the door for a run... but I'm still having a tough time. I put off picking my fall and summer races but the time has come. I've always found if you set a date, the training will (for the most part) follow! I'm all about progress, NOT perfection. So set your date, write your schedule, and don't beat yourself up too badly if it doesn't go exactly according to plan! Pick a short term and a long term goal and keep them realistic. Remember, this is what we do for FUN! Need a little inspiration? I learned how to throw in a shameless plug from the G.O.A.T (but we really are good at what we do!), check out the RF Events Race Calendar and be sure to bug me about how my training is going when you see me out there.

Set those dates and the miles will follow,

Anna Step Przybylski, an admittedly not quite as obsessed runner whose fall ultra training starts today!

PS: Kick off summer with a volunteer gig at Flirt With Dirt on Saturday, June 3rd in Novi, MI! This will get you set up with a $30 voucher to use towards any future RF Events' Event, volunteer swag, and a million thanks! Volunteering is a great way to ease into the racing scene for the summer, check it out here!

PS: We're over 10 weeks out from the Running Between the Vines, there is still plenty of time to train for Michigan's most BEAUTIFUL Half Marathon! Not quite ready for Half? Join us for the 5K, 5 Mile.. or both! Running, cheese, chocolate and WINE in Jackson, MI on August 19th, 2017... what could be better?

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