anna mountainsHey all, Baby Goat here, Randy's youngest 'kid' stepping in for some midweek motivation.

When the phone rang and my dad asked me to write the Obsessed Runner this week I couldn't help but feel a little unworthy, my running schedule has gotten off track, and I'm not feeling particularly qualified to motivate the masses today! So I'm here to inspire and motivate myself right along with you... Let's get back at it!

Every year on my birthday I run my age in miles. Nobody is forcing me into this, it was just something I got into my head a few years ago and my early spring birthday has been a great motivator to get out the door all winter. 2017 however, has been kicking my butt. I've been sick, trying to sell a house, playing catch up at work... you know, LIFE stuff. For the last few weeks I've been stressed, upset, and worried... all over a fun birthday tradition. I was lamenting to my birthday run partner about how my training wasn't where it should be and she said "It's birthday run. You shouldn't stress about it. It's your birthday!" Oh, duh.

And so, I cut my 29 miles to 29K and I'm still getting my butt out the door. I think the same thing should apply to ALL of our running. When it isn't going how it should, don't give up, stop beating yourself up, then get out there and do something!

Get back at it,

Anna, an admittedly not-quite-as-obsessed runner who is getting up tomorrow morning and putting in 29K... and will be proud I got out the door!

PS: ¡Olé! Join us for a Cinco De Mayo celebration like no other! Once every 7 years the Hightail to Ale 5K will fall on this festive holiday! Be there May 5, 2017 in Detroit, MI for a beer filled afterparty with a 5K warm up!

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