freep2The weather sucks but we just have to ignore it and get out the door ... like we always do! Work, money, power and war are similar to bad weather but once again, when we head out for a run, we find true peace in the moment. The gray sky seems not so gray and the nonsense of the world takes a back seat. What does this prove? Perhaps the run is the important part of our life and the rest is the nonsense we should strive to escape. The world may never be at peace and the sun may not come out for months but we can be out running and living a fulfilling, fun life in the moment... Winning the cold war! Ha!

The run can be the sun, get out and enjoy it,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, putting up the good fight

PS: I am so excited to have the Trails in Motion trail running film festival back in Michigan! I guarantee a beautifully produced motivational afternoon at the Farmington Civic Theater, a Michigan gem! I will introduce the films and after we will be headed to the brew pub next door, join me! Only 270 seats available, grab a couple! Check out the trailer!

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