freep2I found myself almost done with my run when I realized I had not once looked around at the wonder of the world around me, and had not once listened to my footfalls or the sounds of nature. My mind remained a buzz, cluttered with all I should have left behind for the run to do it's magic. I know that it takes a conscious effort to clear the head and live fully in the moment. I had ignored all the triggers that usually bring me to the place that I feel completely alive and living in full color. I came to a dead stop, took a deep breath of cold outside air, erased my thoughts and started to feel the right now, a feeling as good as it gets.

Don't waste a moment of your run,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who promises myself to remain vigilant to never miss all that is part of this gift.

PS: I am so excited to have the Trails in Motion trail running film festival back in Michigan! I guarantee a beautifully produced motivational afternoon at the Farmington Civic Theater, a Michigan gem! I will introduce the films and after we will be headed to the brew pub next door, join me! Only 270 seats available, grab a couple! Check out the trailer!

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