freep2This busy life has enough obstacles keeping us from the run, let alone having tough weather to wear down our resolve. One cold weather solution is to not overthink it, just overdress and run out the door. Once out and running, you can then consider the distance, the weather and if you should circle back and shed some clothes. If the wind is wicked, look to find a stretch that is protected, then, perhaps repeat it for a while, maybe for the entire run. Make it a point to notice something different on each lap, birds, types of trees, how your footprints are adding up in the snow. You find yourself getting more into it on each lap and heading home only because your window of time is up. Convinced?

Run out the door first, then give it some thought,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who must admit, I'm scraping the bottom of my bag of my "get us out the door" tricks but we will prevail.

PS: Last chance to save some bucks on the Super 5K is coming up! Online registration closes at NOON on Friday! Don't miss the Lady Gaga "Half Way" 5K show Sunday morning, February 5th! Weather is looking good!

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