randy freepAs we log the final miles of the running year, I'm reminded of the tremendous motivational value of keeping a log. (plenty of phone apps out there to help with this, I'm a fan of the free version of Strava). For some of us, our best race times are in the past but streaks and total mileage personal records are always out there. Totals, like the most mileage ran in a day, a week, a year. Streaks, like the most days ran in a row or some other motivational streak like number of weeks in a row that you ran at least 3 days. I'm sure many of you are looking at the year's totals and are getting out the door trying to hit a number with value to YOU. 500 miles, 1,000 miles, whatever, 200 days of running for the year ... If you don't keep a log, may I suggest you add it to your resolutions?

Every run counts, especially if you count them,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, with a pile of running logs from over the years to prove it ... some years better than others but always excited to plan for the next!

PS:Resolve to TRI in the new year! Everybody's favorite jurassic Summer Triathlon Series is back, hit the beach with us all summer long:Triceratops Tri - June 21, Pterodactyl Tri - July 19, and T-Rex Tri August 23!

PS: Hit the trails... and the road with us in 2017! Registration for all 3 Dances With Dirt races is now open! Gnaw Bone, IN - May 13, Devil's Lake, WI - July 8, HELL, MI - September 23

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