randy freepPersonal time is precious in this busy holiday season and there is no better or efficient way to spend it than on the daily run. The satisfaction we get from our effort, pace, distance covered and dedication to our sport, especially in winter, assures us that we did not squander the gift. We return to our hectic lives mentally charged and ready to share ourselves (A better self) with the world again. Running, the gift that keeps on giving...

On race day, our personal pursuits come together as we share our pain, pleasure, glory and even defeat, taking the running experience to the astral plane, elevating the joy of a life fully lived to a place unexplainable to the non-running world. Be sure to give yourself the gift of motivation for the New Year, no goal is attained without setting it first. Click and commit! http://rfevents.com/event-calendar

A time to get the max from the minimum,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who knows that even a short run can be sweet, so squeeze one in!

PS: Resolve to TRI in the new year! Everybody's favorite Summer Jurassic Triathlon Series is back, hit the beach with us all summer long:Triceratops Tri - June 21, Pterodactyl Tri - July 19, and T-Rex Tri August 23!

PS: Hit the trails... and the road with us in 2017! Registration for all 3 Dances With Dirt races is now open! Gnaw Bone, IN - May 13, Devil's Lake, WI - July 8, HELL, MI - September 23... DANCESWITHDIRT.COM

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