randy freepSome days the run comes to us like a wrapped gift, like an inheritance from a long lost relative that is unexpected, but makes us smile. Other days, the run is a bloody battle with ourselves, the elements, and seemingly uncontrollable forces of the universe, teaming up against us. When we get these runs done, it's not with a smile but a personal pride that runs down to our soul, giving us a glimpse of strength and courage we may not have known we had.

Fight the good fight,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who says, bring it on!

PS: Registration for the Thirsty 3 Series is open!This not-so-serious running and drinking series will take you on a tour to 3 of Michigan's finest locally made beer, wine and hard cider properties. Learn more HERE!

PS: Registration for all three Serious Series races is OPEN! Join us at one or all three for some awesome trail running. Head to Pinckney, MI on April 29th and 30th for Trail Weekend 5 Mile, 13.1M, 26.2M and 50K! Make your way to Novi, MI on June 3rd for Flirt With Dirt, a fun 5K and 10K. Round it all out in Laingsburg, MI on August 5th at The Legend 5M, 10M and 13.1M... Enter if you dare!

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