randy freepThese are the times that try runner's souls, the long, dark, cold, busy, days of the holiday season. A time full of excuses, a time when just getting out the door for a run requires super human strength. This is a time to make a personal commitment to consistency. Perhaps a self-promise to get out the door no less than 3 days a week for no less than 3 miles, or any bare minimum numbers that give you some sense of fulfillment. Forget training schedules and the high mileage weeks of the past, pick numbers that won't scare you off from the daily run. Perhaps a new mantra, short runs, that get done, rule!

Hang tough and get out the door,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who will be rooting for you ... And me!

PS: The next couple months are a time to enjoy a few silly, fun races just to see the other runners who are managing some consistency so you know you are not alone! Perhaps I'll see you at the Holiday Hustle 5K December 10th, http://runholiday5k.com/. The Bigfoot Snowshoe 5K & 10K January 21st http://runsnow.com/ or the Super 5K, Sunday February 5th, http://runsuperbowl.com/  by then it will be time to fire up the mileage for spring ... So enjoy the break!

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