randy freepThe  ability to endure that we learn from our running life may not have seemed helpful when it came to this seemingly endless election year. That said, running does give us a place to sort out the world, it gives us time alone, away from the media, the pundits' and the rhetoric, a time to clear our heads enjoy the simple freedoms we have in this amazing county.

May your run give you peace and renewed hope,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who has a hard time thinking pessimistically on the run, and I like that.

PS: Psssssssst... Once in a lifetime deal here... We're proud of you for surviving a chaotic election year. As a reward, we are opening up the floodgates on the ever elusive Dances With Dirt Hell Relay! Grab a team and secure your spot! Spots are first come first serve, nab one here! Not sure what the Dances With Dirt Hell Relay is? Get the scoop here.

PS: Did you know that age group winners, 5 deep in 5 year age groups get pumpkin pies at the Ann Arbor Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning? Did you also know they give awards to the top 3 ugliest sweaters, top 3 best holiday themed costumes, and awards to the top themed group of 5 or more people! To top it all off... hot chocolate will be served, and the turkey finisher's medal for the 5K is awesome! Enter today at theturkeytrot.com.

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