randy runningThis running and fitness lifestyle is a blessing. I cannot imagine life without a passion, better yet, a positive passion. I was driving behind a truck with lots of stickers about field training dogs, dog events, even a dog vanity plate. Much of it made no sense to me... much like a 26.2 sticker might not make sense to them, but you could feel the passion. The meaning of life? Perhaps not, but certainly a huge and important part to a fulfilled and complete life, making getting out the door a priority you don't want to mess with! Get out and run, it is essential for your happiness and wellbeing. How's that for justification!

Run, be fulfilled and if you want to, put an oval sticker on your car!

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who is blessed with a passion

PS: HUT! HUT! Registration for the Super 5K is now open! Join us Sunday morning, February 5th in Novi, MI for a fun 5K with tons of SWAG! Get off the couch and get your run in before the big game. Check it out HERE!

PS: Please consider joining up for a bit of Trail Clean up on the Dances With Dirt and Run Woodstock trails. This is an opportunity for us that use the trails, to maintain the trails we share with others, and those that need trail volunteering for certain races, and for those that want to help and make a little piece of the planet a bit nicer. Bring work gloves, and optionally, a brush trimming tool of some kind. Click here for more.

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