randy freepAs Spock would say about running, it's illogical. The sweat, pain and the energy used to get from point A to point B may seem pointless, perhaps even wasteful to someone without deeper knowledge about what the runner is experiencing. In ways, running has aspects similar to art, music and religion. Without personally experiencing what we experience, even a well-delivered explanation would fall short. For these reasons, many of us were forced to run for the first time, or perhaps tricked into it. However it happened, we obviously glimpsed something hiding below the surface, something that made us run again, and again, and again, with each run adding to the richness of what the run gives back.

Get out and defy logic,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner

PS: Come join me for some "vacation running", a term that the sedentary world would truly call illogical. February 10 - 17, 2017 I'm heading to a first class all-inclusive resort, the kind your family and friends would love to join you at. You don't even have to tell them it's an active trip, you'll be back from your run or walk before they realize you were missing. Check HERE for more info!

PS: Please consider joining up for a bit of Trail Clean up on the Dances With Dirt and Run Woodstock trails. This is an opportunity for us that use the trails, to maintain the trails we share with others, and those that need trail volunteering for certain races, and for those that want to help and make a little piece of the planet a bit nicer. Bring work gloves, and optionally, a brush trimming tool of some kind. Click here for more.

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