randy rainsuit2To send a get out the door motivational message during these glorious fall days may seem to be a wasted effort to some, but all of us will soon have to get in our runs during the cold, dark mornings or evenings, as daytime continues to shrink. It's never easy but always worth it. A high lumen LED headlamp along with an even brighter hand held light can tear a hole through the dark and by overdressing a bit, the punch of the cold can be reduced to a light slap that we can defend against, giving us the edge to win round one of this six month, cold fight. I'm in your corner and cheering like mad!

Never let up,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, hoping for a victorious running season with far more wins than losses in the get our buts out the door column!

PS: An additional weapon in this get out the door fight is to be signed up for at least one event in each or the upcoming cold months. Events give us incentive to keep the training alive and lining up with our peeps reminds us that we are not in this dark, cold, battle alone.

PS: Here is that sneak peak of our 2017 CALENDAR! Be sure to pick up your magnet at the Detroit Free Press Marathon Expo... and plan your year with RF Events!

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