randy woodstock2Unlike so many other sports our running season never comes to an end... We don't have to pack away our gear at the end of the year because there are 365 days and every day is ours! The seasons change and today we might bring warmer gear to the top of the pile but it's a wonderfully simple sport so it all fits on a shelf or two. The best time of year to run and the best day to run is always, TODAY! All we have to decide is how far and what to wear. That said... Fall is pretty dang special. Ha.

Run like there will be no tomorrow,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who likes the leaves, snow, rain and sunshine to fall on me during the run.

PS: Crisp fall weather, apple orchards, costumes, zombies and RUNNING, the perfect combination, join me for Run Scream Run at Wiard's Orchard and Haunted Thrill Park Saturday morning October 8th. Come to Friday night packet pick up and hit the Night Terrors to get in the mood! Yikes!

PS: Perhaps the oldest family running tradition is the Turkey Trot. Sharon and Ron Suffolk of Good Boy Events started "The Ann Arbor Turkey Trot" in downtown Ann Arbor, on Thanksgiving day 10 years ago, as Ron celebrates his 70th year of life he has placed this race in the hands of RF Events, insuring this tradition to go on. We are excited to keep the torch lit! Start or continue the tradition, grab the family and join us! http://theturkeytrot.com/  Run, then eat, it gets no better!

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