randy woodstock2Our sport's roots go back to the ancient Greek Olympics, add to that historic races like the 121 year old Boston Marathon and we can agree that running as a sport is not a fad and has an excellent foundation. That said, most of us won't be running in the Olympics and even qualifying for Boston may be a stretch but we each have our own traditions that personally motivate us and add so much to our running lives. I love this stuff and have devoted much of my life to creating events that I can only hope are worthy of tradition,  especially family friendly races where we can invite non-runners to join us for their first 5K and to start family traditions, like "Run Scream Run" and "Scrumpy Skedaddle" in the fall, "The Holiday Hustle" in December or the "Super 5K" on Super Bowl Sunday. We will all be gone someday but these family traditions, that we can play a part in starting, will live on.

Start a tradition and become part of the run forever,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who loves this stuff.

PS: Perhaps the oldest family running tradition is the Turkey Trot. Sharon and Ron Suffolk of Good Boy Events started "The Ann Arbor Turkey Trot" in downtown Ann Arbor, on Thanksgiving day 10 years ago, as Ron celebrates his 70th year of life he has placed this race in the hands of RF Events, insuring this tradition to go on. We are excited to keep the torch lit! Start or continue the tradition, grab the family and join us! http://theturkeytrot.com/  Run, then eat, it gets no better!

PS: Speaking of tradition, families and FUN... Registration for the Holiday Hustle is NOW OPEN! Don't miss this festive tradition in Dexter, MI on Saturday afternoon, December 10th! Festive puff-ball beanie to all entrants, FUN gingerbread man medals to all 5K finishers... Check it out!

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