randy woodstock2I'm just coming down from a weekend of runner's high at Run Woodstock where at the finish line, I was continually reminded that us humans are the most incredible endurance creatures on the planet and for sure we are designed to run. I greeted Ashley Truan at the end of her 22 hour, 100 mile winning run on the trails. She looked as fresh, happy and fulfilled as many 5K finishers. Yes, we are not all created the same and our athletic capabilities vary greatly based on genetics and life experiences but we all have (sometimes buried) in us, the incredible drive of the human spirit that can be harnessed to take us to places far past the limits we often put on ourselves.

Ignore the limits you have placed on yourself and attempt to accomplish what seems impossible,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who is inspired by you

PS: Volunteer to be on the Dirt Crew for Dances With Dirt, September 24th and play a part in fulfilling the goals of the 50 mile and 50K runners as they attempt to move their outer limits, it may open up your world to new possibilities. Join me! Check it out here!

PS: We have loved having a HOT, HOT summer... but we won't lie, it has been getting us excited for beautiful fall days! Join us for fall running in the apple orchards at Almar Orchards in Flushing, MI on October 2, 2016. Hard cider, running and an all you can eat pancake breakfast... we're in! runscrumpy.com

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