November 23, 2009 - Tis the season!

Yo run gang,

Tis the season! This time of year is like no other, the daily run is under constant assault from parties, family gatherings, work, to do lists, crappy weather and short days. It will take a planned counter attack to hold your ground and get (Squeeze) the run in. Have an extra set of running gear in you car and under your desk, be prepared to shoot out the door whenever an opening strikes. Pull over while stuck in traffic, pull on the stuff and get in some miles. If an appointment gets canceled, get in a run before anyone has time to grab your hour. Forget about taking showers and primp time, forget about waiting to get home to a better run route, remember, those who are picky go without! Long blocks of time are at a premium; go for shorter and faster runs to satisfy the need for fatigue! Keep the faith, it wont be easy but nothing good ever is. We know that after a run, we are more productive and attentive workers and family members so the goal is noble not selfish.

Get out and run!

Randy Step, an obsessed runner who changes his clothes in his car more often than in his house

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