2023.08.03 - Run, run, run

Randy Racing GearTime-based runs around a loop of 2 to 2.5 miles are gaining popularity again. Events usually offer 4, 6, 8, 12 and 24 hour runs. These are especially great for the slower runner or walker who wants to complete, say, the marathon distance, but worry about cut off times, which at most marathons are 6 to 7 hours. By entering a 12-hour event, you can go at your own pace without worry. With a couple mile loop, there is no need to carry anything with you. There is usually one aid station with all kinds of nutrition and beverage choices and you also have the option to set up your own spot on the course with whatever you bring, like a chair, change of shoes, whatever. 12 and 24-hour events offer a great way to go after a personal best for the longest you have ever ran in a day. Loop events become quite social, meeting people at your pace and putting in loops together is the norm, a fun way to accomplish big time goals! RF Events puts on 2 such events, Island Time in May, and the upcoming, Hootenanny Endurance Run 4, 8 and 12 hour event October 21st in Gregory, MI. A great event to set up and camp on the course for the weekend. Join me!

Plan, then do, epic stuff!

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who loves a run that allow me to fit in a nap in the middle of it!


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