2023.07.05 - Running Apps

randy ironI admit being a fan of the tech side of running. GPS changed so much, I used to guess my daily distance based on a, guess, of my pace. I would dumb down the numbers a hair to be sure not to overestimate. Yes, I did this because the numbers are sacred, like my highest mileage week, or highest mileage year. These numbers become a part of our running history and are only valuable to us if recorded with integrity. That said, I quit keeping logbooks when I started recording my runs on Strava, one of the many running applications. Yesterday I hit 10,000 miles on the app. The data shows I had 1,678 runs, with the average run being 5.96 miles per run. I’d round it to 6, but that damn integrity … But seriously, these apps save every route down to the hundredth of a mile, allowing us to revisit our hard earned accomplishments with confidence, a wonderful addition to our incredible sport.


Every mile counts forever! Add some today!


Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, who made sure to run over 6 miles today, working to move that average up!


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