2023.03.22 - Run, or Volunteer!

randy bostonWith so many cool races out there, it’s easy to overload our schedule. Yes, too much of a good thing rears its head especially in running. When back to back events that sound fun leave you flipping a coin, consider volunteering at one of them. Volunteering is not only a great way to preview an event, but being part of the staff gives you a bit of a celebrity status as an insider. When someone asks if you have run a certain event, you can say, I help put that race on, and can answer any questions you might have.

So, if you are thinking of running long at Trail Weekend on April 29th, but think it also sounds pretty cool to run 2 mile loops at Island Time a week later, perhaps trying to run farther than you ever have before, but knowing it’s not really enough time to recover, volunteer! Working an aid station at Trail offers serious quality time in the woods. Working the aid station on a 2 mile loop of a 24 hour event can be as grueling, and as rewarding as running it. When you become part of the team that helps runners meet their goals, you might get just as teary eyed and emotional as a person who hit 50 miles, perhaps due to your constant encouragement. Dig it!

Get out and race, or, make the race possible,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, who hopes to see you on a starting line soon, or perhaps in the finish chute handing out medals!


P.S. Running at the Martian Invasion of Races? Consider stay at the host hotel, Courtyard Detroit Dearborn. Special rate of $122 - $132 per night, BUT ONLY UNTIL 3/24! I promise it will add to your event weekend experience!


You will receive goodies from the race as you check in, and will be welcomed like the running celebrity you are! Check out the Martian decorations and get a coffee and grab and go breakfast in the morning. The tables, chairs and a fireplace in the lobby give plenty of space to hang out and runner watch! Late check out and a pool to recover…book your room today HERE!

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