2023.03.15 - The elusive good run

randy ecuadorJust when we finally start to get a bit of light in morning, kaboom, they move it away from us by an hour, dang. That said, I had one of those elusive good runs today. I’d say they come about every 10th run or so, just often enough to keep me putting my money back in the slot. And like good runs, the weather Gods have also been fickle. I thanked them for the glorious Saturday morning they gave us to get in the long run, then they crap on us for a couple days before finally releasing the sun again. I picture them looking down at us and thinking, these runners are tough characters, we chased everyone else into the house and they keep coming back for more!

Every run is a win,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who, like many of us runners, was born a rambler and a gambler and guess we always will be until they throw the dirt on. Amen.

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