2019-02-06 - Running sucks.

randy super5k2018 2Monday had me feeling tired and low after a long but rewarding Super Bowl Sunday, a day that started with a 4:30 a.m. alarm to help put on the Super 5K and ended with me on the couch, late in the evening, toasting Tom Brady and the Patriots. I headed out on my run into a very gray, 45ºF day with an icy rain on muddy, shoe-sucking, flooded trails. I got in what was, for me, 5 very tough miles.

On days like these, it takes what seems like a super human effort to drag ourselves out the door. But we head out anyway, knowing that we have chosen a difficult and extreme sport, in fact, a sport that is considered punishment in other sports. We get it, actually. It's the reason we run. I left the house in a bit of a depressed funk and returned feeling heroic. Yes, a hero only to myself, but a powerful lift in my spirits, more than any drug could match.
May we get out the door forever,
Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who knows that running sucks, and that's fine by me.

P.S.: Shake off your own gray, 45ºF funk by setting a spring goal! The Martian Invasion of Races presented by Blue Care Network will inspire you to dream of your finish line moment, or that COSMIC GLITTER finisher's medal, as you head out the door each day. Commit, train, SUCCEED in the 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, 26K Combo or Full Marathon... you can even recruit your favorite young runners for the Kids' Marathon!

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