randy holiday5kIt's still a couple weeks off but NOW is the time to commit to some New Year's resolutions. Yes, people fail at resolutions all the time but then again, many make changes that stick. I'm a believer in realistic tweaks, working to be a better version of ourselves. As for running, an example would be to start a new streak, committing to never run less than 3 days a week. This would be a good commitment for the runner who already runs 3 to 4 days but blows off a week now and then without an acceptable excuse (there are no acceptable excuses! Ha.) After, let's say... 6 months of not missing 3 days, a week has started bad and you have 3 days left and will need to run all 3. The streak you have going will be powerful motivation to make it happen. Getting the 3 runs in will raise your self-esteem and will motivate you get in your runs early so this does not happen again. Picture this streak going on for 3 years and imagine the power of it! This is one idea for a streak, perhaps it could be minimum miles for the daily run or minimum miles for the week, whatever seems realistic and motivational to you. Consider small tweaks in other areas of life like your charitable giving, reductions in bad habits, thoughtfulness to friends or skills you have wanted to learn but have procrastinated on.

Give it some thought on today's run. When you get back, write down your list, pick the most realistic ones and ... Commit!

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runners who has made many successful tweaks over the years, and yes, has failed at times. That said, I consider not trying as a total failure.

PS: Time to sit down with the 2019 RF Events Calendar and plan your year! We've got distances from 1 Mile to 100 miles and there are so many amazing venues and trails to be visited! Check it out HERE, start making your list... and checking it twice! The more you run, the more you'll earn! Our Run More, Earn More program gives you back $20 for every $150 you spend on race entries... just sayin'!

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