randy holiday5kWithout a fire in our heart, the world seems a colder place. I'm not completely sure of the meaning of life but having a passion seems to be a piece of the puzzle. For those of us lucky enough to have found running and have made it our passion, understand how important having a focus that drives us can be. We are fortunate that running is mostly healthy and non-threatening to others. I also believe that those who have found a passion are much more understanding and accepting of others with passions, even those much different from ours. Passion gives us some common ground, we can relate to those who are really into something.

Live it up out there and share your passion,

Randy Step, an admitted passionate... OK, obsessed runner, who loves to spend time with people with a passion, be it sky diving, motorcycles, forensics, theater, politics or whatever. They never seem bored and often give me insight to a world outside of my own. Dig it.

PS: Have a passion for turkey, trotting, friends and family? Join us Thanksgiving morning in downtown Ann Arbor for a turk-tacular time! Trot 5K or 1 Mile before the feast. Long sleeve shirts to all pre-registered participants, medals and hot chocolate to all finishers! Register now!

PS: HO, HO, GO! Naughty or nice, walker or runner, come breathe in the December night air, burn a few holiday calories and give back to others! The Holiday Hustle on December 8, 2018 is a festive dash around Dexter that will get you in the holiday spirit. Knit beanies to all entrants and medals to all finishers. REGISTER NOW!

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