2018-06-28 - Don't worry, you'll forget about it!

anna bday runMy forgetfulness is my running life's greatest gift. There are routes, races and hills that ended with me swearing "Never again," and sore days that made me question why I would do this to myself... Somehow the next day the shoes still go on and out the door I go. I bargained my way through a 7 hour long run this past weekend and the entire time I couldn't imagine ever having to get out there again... then last night I made a plan to get up at 4AM next Wednesday and do it all again. I have to thank this running amnesia for pushing the negative memories back and reminding me that what I did was AWESOME, pain be damned. The next time you finish a run and say "never again," smile, and remember you'll forget about the pain soon!

Tackle the big hill or add on the extra 5 miles you KNOW you want to try, it might suck but hey... you'll forget about it,

Baby Goat, an admittedly (not quite as) obsessed runner who can't wait to forget about another painful run soon.

PS - Speaking of pain... Have you been keeping up with the Dances With Dirt Hell Relay in September. Grab 4 friends and enter a 5 person team HERE. I promise you a day of full color, fully alive running in the natural world, a day you will cherish in your memories forever. Yes, you will get your butt kicked running 3 legs of about 4 miles each through pure Hell brought to you by Mother Nature and you will wake the next day licking your wounds with a permanent smile and a feeling of loss, wishing every day could be like DWD day.

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