randy bridgesNot necessarily your bare butt, because I'm talking about streaks of consistency. Examples would be, not running less than 15 miles per week, not running less than three days in a week or not missing more than three days in a row. These are just examples, the number of days miles etc., needs to be numbers that relate to you specifically, numbers that will motivate you. Once you've gone 10 weeks in a row without missing at least three days of running it becomes strong motivation for you to get out that third day when it comes to the end of the week. The same holds for any other streak you have going and are aware of. Read over your running log, and see what kind of streak you might have going already that you are not aware of. If you fail on your streak, whatever the number, is is a personal record. Time to start a new streak and beat it!

It's time to make streaking popular again,

Randy Step, and admitted obsessed runner, and a streaker from way back!

P.S. - A great way to get the daily run in is by adding some FUN! Join us Friday night, July 20, 2018 in Ypsilanti, MI for the OBERUN 5K, a fun 5K run/walk celebrating a summer fave at the finish - Bell's Oberon! This midsummer night beer lover's dream is over 70% full... don't miss out, register now!

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