randy bridgesThis midweek email goes out to 97,000 people each week and around 15,000 open it (Thanks for not spamming me out). I always look at the comments on the opt outs. The number one reason, "I get too many emails." Once in a while I get one that breaks my heart, "I no longer run." What makes it worse is that I can't even respond, dang. I worry about the reasons, could it be that the emails make them feel guilty or lazy? Did they suffer an injury that will keep them from ever running again? This is a complicated world with real life and death situations that can force running to take a back seat. That said, the run is always there to come back to, it is a patient sport that will wait until the day we return. These weekly emails will also be there, perhaps to help kick start the long lost run ... As long as you don't opt out!

Enjoy every running day possible,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner was blessed today by a rave morning run and that I know there is no guarantees about what tomorrow might bring.

P.S. - A great way to get the daily run in is by adding some FUN! Join us Friday night, July 20, 2018 in Ypsilanti, MI for the OBERUN 5K, a fun 5K run/walk celebrating a summer fave at the finish - Bell's Oberon! This midsummer night beer lover's dream is over 60% full... don't miss out, register now!

P.S. - Check out the Obsessed Runner Live! We'll be coming at you LIVE weekly to answer questions and get your butt out the door.

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