randy freepTime distance and speed are the essence of our sport but they can also be a distraction, especially if we worry about how we look on Strava or other social running applications. I had a glorious run today on some very gnarly trails with wicked hills and breathtaking vistas. A 5.3 mile run through ruts and roots at a pace perhaps 2 and a half minutes per mile slower than if I ran down a road. A soul cleansing, totally fulfilling rave run... That looks lacking on the Garmin from a time, distance and speed aspect.

Don't let ego get in the way from a butt kicking run,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner, who kissed up to my ego by using, 700' of climb in 5 miles in the Strava subject line, ha!

P.S. - WINE, VINES and (fingers crossed!) SUNSHINE! Do I have your attention?
Join us as we hit the rolling back roads in Jackson, MI on August 18, 2018 for Running Between the Vines. This high class 5K, 5 Mile and Half Marathon will take you to a finish in the vineyards that includes music, cheese and chocolate paired perfectly with... WINE!

P.S. - Catch our new weekly podcast, Obsessed Runner Live! We'll be coming at you live once a week to answer questions and get your butt out the door. Check out our quick intro video and watch for more LIVE excitement coming soon.

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