randy bostonI stand in awe of all of you Martian and Boston finishers who thumbed their noses at the miserable conditions and prevailed! I am humbled by the amazing volunteers who suffered greatly for hours on end to make these achievements possible. Seeing American Desi Linden win Boston brought a tear to my eye. After taking 2nd or 3rd at so many major marathons, Des's never give up attitude was finally rewarded. Des now calls Michigan home and yes, trains in this crap, just like us! Another ray of sunshine was having the American women taking 7 of the top 10 places at Boston and the American men with 6 of the top 10. My faith in America is restored!

When you awake to that dusting of snow tomorrow, think of Des, get out that door and get it done! (Even if you used that trick already)

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who was shocked to see the sun today. Of course it came out after my run.... Dang. Hang tough, our reward will come and will be all the more sweet!

P.S. - WINE, VINES and (fingers crossed!) SUNSHINE! Do I have your attention?
Join us as we hit the rolling back roads in Jackson, MI on August 18, 2018 for Running Between the Vines. This high class 5K, 5 Mile and Half Marathon will take you to a finish in the vineyards that includes music, cheese and chocolate paired perfectly with... WINE!

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