randy freepIt's been a nice string of running days and the weather trend for the next ten days is looking pretty good. The ice and snow is off most of the trails, a real mid-winter gift to us dirt runners!

My usual goal is to motivate you out the door, today, I'll let the weather do that! Instead, I'd like to invite you to head indoors on Saturday, March 10th for a motivational running film festival at the historic Farmington Civic Theater! This is a rare opportunity for the running community to get together in a non-race setting... and it will be fun to see each other with our clothes on! Grab a ticket, grab some popcorn and enjoy the Ledlenser Trails In Motion Film Festival!

Get outside,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who is looking to do a bit of "arm chair" running at the movies!

PS: After you join us in front of the big screen consider getting up Sunday, March 11, 2018 and giving back to the running community! The Shamrocks & Shenanigans 5K and 1K in Ann Arbor, MI is looking for some race day helpers. Volunteers receive a sweet shirt, $30 coupon towards a future RF Events, and endless thanks!

PS: BBQ! BEER! BEAUTIFUL TRAILS! Join me on a road trip down "south" May 19, 2018 to the breathtaking natural beauty of Nashville, Indiana. Dances With Dirt - Gnaw Bone is an insane test of human endurance that will leave you knowing you are fully awake, alive and living life in full color! Hit the wicked trails for 10K, Half Marathon, Full Marathon, 50K, 50 Miles or grab your friends for the extreme relay. Pair all of this with some sweet swag and you've got the makings of a seriously kick butt day!

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