randy hippieIt's bad enough that half the time we have to talk ourselves into getting our butt out the door, only to find that our body often rejects the idea of a run even more than us. Luckily, after a mile of burps, farts, gas pains, dead legs and a racing heart-beat, the body usually grooves into the idea, smooths out and it's time to smile! Our attitude does a 180 and the magic of the daily run is on. You would think we could skip the drama and get right into the sweet spot, but I guess this will never happen.

The run is always worth it, be patient,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner that admits to a lot of wasted drama time (with myself). My self-talk line today? "Would you just put on your f'n shoes and get your butt out the door for heaven sake!"... And this comes from an obsessed runner, good luck to those poor souls just starting off in this sport ...

PS: The cooler mornings are putting fall on our minds! Orchards, pancakes... (HARD) cider... Join us at the Scrumpy Skedaddle in Flushing, MI on October 1st for a 5K or 10K, live music, all you can eat pancake breakfast, finisher's glasses, medals and HARD CIDER! runscrumpy.com

PS: WE WANT YOU ON THE DIRT CREW! Join us for the wildest weekend of the year at Dances With Dirt Hell on September 23, 2017! Tons of jobs available behind the scenes and on the front lines. Volunteers receive a sweet shirt, $30 voucher towards a future RF Events event, and a ticket to the post race party! Check it out HERE.

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