randy hippieIt's a theme I go back to often - when we compare ourselves to others, we fail ourselves. We are a study of one. Nobody has lived our life, has our genetics or has experienced what we have. Our body, our pace, and our thoughts are ours alone. Embrace who you are, how you look, and the outcome of today's run. You are a great and interesting addition to this earth. When running with others who are faster or attempting to run faster, NEVER say, "sorry, I'm slow." They are the ones who can adjust their pace down, you can only smile and they can enjoy your company if they choose to, or just let them go and savor the run you have been given on this day. Whenever I ask someone how their run or race went, more often than not, the answer is not positive, I cringe as they apologize for what they see as a failed effort instead of taking pride in their attempt. Don't be that person.

Be you,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who is obsessed with running, on my terms, and I love the way you run on your terms.

PS: The cooler mornings are putting fall on our minds! Orchards, pancakes... (HARD) cider... Join us at the Scrumpy Skedaddle in Flushing, MI on October 1st for a 5K or 10K, live music, all you can eat pancake breakfast, finisher's glasses, medals and HARD CIDER! runscrumpy.com

PS: MORE FALL FUN! Registration for Run Scream Run 5K, 10K and 1 Mile is NOW OPEN! Cider, donuts, fall running and medals? Count us in! Wiard's Orchard is the perfect backdrop for this spooky Halloween run! Be there October 7th in Ypsilanti, MI!

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