randy flowersHot muggy days sure make our sport an efficient use of time, a short run packs a big punch, giving us tremendous satisfaction for just getting out there! That said, I continue to appreciate the honest simplicity of our sport, especially while watching the Tour De France, where a lead rider can lose precious time to mechanical failure, and where one rider has a technical advantage over another due to better equipment. Relying only on our own body and mind, and with minimal equipment, our efforts are clearly rewarded.

Get out and enjoy the heck out of today's miserable run,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who is enjoying 60 minutes of sweat ... After a 30 minute run!

PS: CHAMPAGNE, BEER, GLAMOUR, MUSIC... Do I have your attention? Join me on Belle Isle August 12, 2017 for a Saturday evening 5K with a Champagne finish! Shirts to all entrants and medals to all finishers. Check out redcarpetrun.com for all the details!

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