randy trailI ran long on Saturday and as I was getting out of bed Sunday morning I realized I was stiff and sore ... And then a smile crossed my face. The pain and fatigue felt the days after we complete a hard workout or race plays a part in the personal satisfaction we get as runners who take our bodies to the limit. Pain and fatigue proves to us that we gave it our all and left nothing back. We were honest with ourselves and know that we dug deep, mentally and physically. When we take ourselves to the crumbling edge we gain insight into who we are and who we might be and each time we move the edge out a bit. The world is full of people just existing, many in a couch potato haze. As runners, we know what it feels like to be totally ragged and spent by our own fruition, we know what it feels like to be fully alive and firing on all cylinders.

Take it to the limit, one more time,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who can't wait to wake up in pain again, hopefully soon.

PS: CHAMPAGNE, BEER, GLAMOUR, MUSIC... Do I have your attention? Join me on Belle Isle August 12, 2017 for a Saturday evening 5K with a Champagne finish! Shirts to all entrants and medals to all finishers. Check out redcarpetrun.com for all the details!

PS: Our Inaugural Oberun 5K is sold out... but we still want you on the BREW CREW! Volunteers receive cool volunteer swag, a $30 coupon toward any future RF Events' Event and more!

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