randy trailWe are pretty excited about our Zero Waste progress at RF Events, with an average of over 90% diversion from the landfill over the last year! Today we hit a dilemma... On hot event days in the past (it looks to be toasty Saturday for our Canton Liberty Fest Run) we passed out ice water soaked, non-recyclable rags at the aid stations. After a bit of brainstorming today on keeping sustainable, we dug out some leftover cotton race shirts from the past and cut them into 1,200 rags! We should be able to pass them out, pick them up and wash them to cool down future runners!

Run cool and sustainably,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who loves extremes, so needless to say, I'm diggin' this heatwave running!
P.S. We could use a few extra hands at the race Saturday to help keep the runners cool. Click this link to volunteer, you'll get a flashy shirt, a $30 voucher for future events and you will feel cool, for giving back to our sport! If you'd like to run Saturday and experience a cold rag on your head, click this link to enter the fun!

PS: Join us for 5K, 5 Mile, or Half Marathon in Jackson, MI on August 19th, 2017 for Running Between the Vines! Running, cheese, chocolate and WINE... what could be better?

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