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April 13, 2011 - Log it!

Yo run gang,

Perhaps the most motivational tool in the, "get your butt out the door arsenal" is keeping a running log with daily, weekly and monthly mileage totals. For those of you who keep a log, you know how motivating the weekly mileage total can be. Also keep track of your streaks and personal records or "P.R.'s", in runner's lingo. Examples of P.R.'s would be: the fastest time you ran around the 2 mile loop from your house or in a 5K race, the most days you ran in a row (a streak), the most miles you ran in a week, month or year or the longest run you ever ran. Imagine that one day as you read over your log you realize that it has been 10 weeks since you ran less than 3 days in a week, or less than 8 miles in a week. Imagine that it is a rainy Sunday and you have only run 2 times this week for a total of 6 miles. It's late, cold and you are considering blowing the day off ... but the log will haunt you, knowing you only need 2 miles to keep your streaks alive! You will run the two miles and record the new P.R., 11 weeks of your streaks! Without the log, would you have ran?


Run it and write it down!


Randy Step, the obsessed runner, with a pile of log books to prove it!


PS: For Women Only 5K, 29th Running!

Sunday, May 15th at 10:30 AM, on the grounds of St. Joesph Health Center in Ypsilanti at 10:30 AM.  This race has a tradition of celebration of women in sport, with a fast two loop course, great for spectators or PR's.  We will be featuring beautiful New Balance Tech Shirts and cool champagne glass age group awards. The race will benefit Susan G. Komen Foundation and Girls on the Run, two charities committed to bettering the lives of women in our community.  You can also enter as team with mother/daughter, sister/sister and grandmother/granddaughter teams.  Walkers are welcome on any team, and you can combine walkers and runners on one team.

More online at http://www.aatrackclub.org/2011-05-15/for-women-only-5k/10/ or email rThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions or would like a paper entry form.

Men! Email Rachel to volunteer!

PS: Live Like Andi 10M, 10K Run, 5K Run/Walk, 4th Annual!

The 4th Annual Live Like Andi Run/Walk is just around the corner.  Come on out and run a 10 miler, 10K or 5K or come on out and walk the 5K.  It's all for a great cause.  All of the proceeds (100%) goes to adenoid cystic carcinoma research, patients and their families.  This worthwhile and fun event is May 14th at Catholic Central HS in Novi.  Go to www.livelikeandi.orgfor more info.

November 23, 2009 - Tis the season!

Yo run gang,

Tis the season! This time of year is like no other, the daily run is under constant assault from parties, family gatherings, work, to do lists, crappy weather and short days. It will take a planned counter attack to hold your ground and get (Squeeze) the run in. Have an extra set of running gear in you car and under your desk, be prepared to shoot out the door whenever an opening strikes. Pull over while stuck in traffic, pull on the stuff and get in some miles. If an appointment gets canceled, get in a run before anyone has time to grab your hour. Forget about taking showers and primp time, forget about waiting to get home to a better run route, remember, those who are picky go without! Long blocks of time are at a premium; go for shorter and faster runs to satisfy the need for fatigue! Keep the faith, it wont be easy but nothing good ever is. We know that after a run, we are more productive and attentive workers and family members so the goal is noble not selfish.

Get out and run!

Randy Step, an obsessed runner who changes his clothes in his car more often than in his house

2010-08-11 - Hot!

Yo Run gang,
Heat and humidity are brutal and should be taken seriously. The upside? It's efficient, short runs feel long and the muscles, tendons and joints sure work great when it's hot. Enjoy the steamy, hazy morning runs and remember, the leaves will be changing in about 6 weeks.
Mark your calendars and join me for a running weekend in the woods, September 24-26, Run Woodstock will spirit you back to an era of peace, love, music and RUNNING! Life is complicated, we all need an escape from reality weekend like this where we camp out on the land and set our souls free, along with our inner hippie! Organized morning and evening runs on the trails with plenty of time to mellow out on the lawn listening to 5 classic rock bands. With carbo dinners served on Friday and Saturday night, Run Woodstock is the perfect setting to get in the final long mileage for you fall marathon folks. I plan on running 5K Friday night, the Flower Power 5 mile or Hippie Half Marathon Saturday morning (The half and 10K make for a fun 20 mile day, 3 weeks out from the Freep Marathon!), the  Trippin' 10K Saturday night and the Free Love 5 Mile on Sunday morning. Join us for one of the runs or the full weekend, non running family and friends will dig the jams, camping and commune atmosphere so invite the world. There will be hippie hikes, hippie dips and great music for runners and non runners. Camping is limited so grab a spot at Runwoodstock.com.
Another date to save is October 3rd, Ann Arbor's Big House Big Heart 5K & 10K offers the perfect running tour of Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan and finishing on the 50 yard line in the Big House is too cool to miss! Bighousebigheart.com
Peace out,
Randy Step, an obsessed runner, diggin' summer running!

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