Beginning to Run

Week 1: Get Started

race1Me, run/walk in a race, are you kidding? You can do this, read on!

You see them everywhere, those runner/walker people. Out there in public, in broad daylight, cruising down the paths and streets, all age’s shapes and sizes. Not for me you say? Think again!

Many of them run then walk then run then walk … then walk. They enter races on the weekend just to get out and enjoy the air and to challenge themselves. We’re not talking about the Olympics; we’re talking about low-key local fun runs/walks.

Some will enter and walk the whole way, some will run the whole way, from 5 minutes per mile to 20 minutes per mile. The average age of the people who enter fun runs are in the 45 to 55 age group. Sure there are teenagers but there are also plenty that qualify for that seniors discount! You will fit in, and you won’t be last, promise!

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Week 2: Set a schedule

race2Last week, I tricked you into … I mean I explained that you too, can be a runner/walker. This week, you get to start to follow a schedule!

Stop the habit of running/walking when you have time (No one has time). Plan the time you run. For the workouts to get done, they will need to be scheduled. Put your daily run in your appointment book and give it the same priority of any other scheduled meeting.

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Week 3: Record your progress

race3Don’t worry; it’s not too late to start! You can jump on the schedule anytime.

Keep a log! The schedule is what you follow, the running log is to record how the run went and to keep track of your progress. Everyday make an entry into your log...even if it is just a big fat ZERO! A few zeros in a row might motivate you out the door, keep writing zeros daily...or run!

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Week 4: Motivation

race4OK, the weather is starting to give us a break getting out the door should be getting easier … but not easy! Nothing good comes easy and this is especially true with running. Stick with it, the magic will come, I promise. With this comes a warning: Running can be addictive, a positive addiction with many benefits.

Why is it so hard to get out the door for a run?

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Week 5: Tune your form

race55 weeks? If you have been at this for 5 weeks you deserve some serious praise! After 5 weeks you should also be starting to consider yourself a runner, no matter what your pace or distance covered. You have shown serious commitment and understand what it takes to accomplish a long-term goal. Keep chipping away. For those of you who may have started late or perhaps have just joined our mission, welcome! It’s never too late to start … or to start over!

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