2017-08-03 - Running, classic rock, yoga, and... classic Randy

randy highschoolWe are just over 5 weeks out from Run Woodstock, a healing, soul cleansing weekend to release our inner hippy, get in some miles and let it all hang out. Trail runs and hikes, yoga, classic rock bands, healthy food trucks and a chance to camp out on the land with all the beautiful people. For those of you who find this life too hectic to escape it for a weekend, you NEED this most. Walk into camp with your tent, running shoes and a cooler and walk out renewed, recharged and fulfilled. A small running festival with big rewards, join me the weekend after Labor Day.


Randy Step an admitted obsessed runner and old hippie at heart.

PS: Give back to your running community! We have some great volunteer opportunities coming up this month. Take the dare in Laingsburg at The Legend, strike a pose and help out on Belle Isle at the Red Carpet Run or take a stroll through the vineyard vines at Running Between the Vines! Check them out here.

PS: Have you heard the holiday news? Registration for the Run Scream Run 5K, 10K and Cider Mill Mile, 10K and Cider Mill Mile, The Ann Arbor Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot 5K and Tot Trot, and the Holiday Hustle 5K and 1 Mile are ALL OPEN! As an added bonus for 2017... run all 3 to complete the Holiday Trio Series. Check out the registration pages for more details.

2017-07-26 - Don't let ego ruin your run

randy flowersLately I've been catching myself getting hung up on total miles and the average pace of my daily runs no thanks to technology tracking on Strava, Garmin or whatever... you get the idea. I realize these stats are often a trap that keep us from getting in the hard and invaluable workouts we should be doing; runs with killer hills or tough courses with tricky footing that develop our balance and strengthen the ancillary muscles. These are the kind of runs that will keep us from overuse injuries and make us stronger, faster, and tougher. Flat paved runs produce numbers that on the surface may look impressive but don't tell much of the real story. As I've said, I write this blog pretty much for myself and what I know I need to hear. That said, I ran 5 miles today at an average pace of 11:24 ... I'm sure I could have easily ran today's 5 mile lunch run at 9:10 pace on subdivision streets, but kicked myself in the butt and hit the steepest, toughest, 5 mile trail route locally that I know of, with 673' of gain and brutal, root leaping downhills. I'm sore, spent... and smiling. Dig it.

Don't let ego get in the way of an awesome run ... A run only you will know was awesome,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who admits to running wimpy routes at times ... But not today. Dare to run great.

PS: CHAMPAGNE, BEER, GLAMOUR, MUSIC... Do I have your attention? Join me on Belle Isle August 12, 2017 for a Saturday evening 5K with a Champagne finish! Shirts to all entrants and medals to all finishers. Check out redcarpetrun.com for all the details!

2017-07-12 - Enjoy your miserable run

randy flowersHot muggy days sure make our sport an efficient use of time, a short run packs a big punch, giving us tremendous satisfaction for just getting out there! That said, I continue to appreciate the honest simplicity of our sport, especially while watching the Tour De France, where a lead rider can lose precious time to mechanical failure, and where one rider has a technical advantage over another due to better equipment. Relying only on our own body and mind, and with minimal equipment, our efforts are clearly rewarded.

Get out and enjoy the heck out of today's miserable run,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who is enjoying 60 minutes of sweat ... After a 30 minute run!

PS: CHAMPAGNE, BEER, GLAMOUR, MUSIC... Do I have your attention? Join me on Belle Isle August 12, 2017 for a Saturday evening 5K with a Champagne finish! Shirts to all entrants and medals to all finishers. Check out redcarpetrun.com for all the details!

2017-06-28 - Savor the pain

randy trailI ran long on Saturday and as I was getting out of bed Sunday morning I realized I was stiff and sore ... And then a smile crossed my face. The pain and fatigue felt the days after we complete a hard workout or race plays a part in the personal satisfaction we get as runners who take our bodies to the limit. Pain and fatigue proves to us that we gave it our all and left nothing back. We were honest with ourselves and know that we dug deep, mentally and physically. When we take ourselves to the crumbling edge we gain insight into who we are and who we might be and each time we move the edge out a bit. The world is full of people just existing, many in a couch potato haze. As runners, we know what it feels like to be totally ragged and spent by our own fruition, we know what it feels like to be fully alive and firing on all cylinders.

Take it to the limit, one more time,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who can't wait to wake up in pain again, hopefully soon.

PS: CHAMPAGNE, BEER, GLAMOUR, MUSIC... Do I have your attention? Join me on Belle Isle August 12, 2017 for a Saturday evening 5K with a Champagne finish! Shirts to all entrants and medals to all finishers. Check out redcarpetrun.com for all the details!

PS: Our Inaugural Oberun 5K is sold out... but we still want you on the BREW CREW! Volunteers receive cool volunteer swag, a $30 coupon toward any future RF Events' Event and more!

2017-06-21 - So what if your run sucks?

randy flowersWe have all had times that we feel disappointed in ourselves by our performance. Examples: not running our goal at a race we trained hard for and were ready for, or when we head out for a training run we cut short or walk due to fatigue, lack of motivation or whatever. When the run goes bad, we need to remember that running is what we do for fun; it's what we do to escape stress. (Yes, I go back to this theme often ... Because I need to hear it.) When we lace up our shoes and race or just head out the door for the daily run, we have already won, we are experiencing the gift, we are living our passion. However the run goes is part of the adventure. With the right attitude, our ugly run might be the most memorable, perhaps a learning experience or one that leaves us with a story to tell.

No matter how much your run sucks, it's nothing compared to how much not running sucks,

Randy Step, an admitted obsessed runner who has had a streak of crappy runs, runs that still add miles to my log and totals that make me smile.

PS: Join us for 5K, 5 Mile, or Half Marathon in Jackson, MI on August 19th, 2017 for Running Between the Vines! Running, cheese, chocolate and WINE... what could be better?

PS: The Inaugural Oberun 5K registration for the VOLUNTEER BREW CREW IS OPEN! Check out all the details here!

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